Board of Directors

DAMA-CV Board Members

Louis Darden – Senior Data Administration Advisor
WellPoint, Inc
2015 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA  23230
M: (804) 205-2875
W: (804) 662-1435

  • Undergraduate Degree – B. A. Economics – Virginia Military Institute
  • Graduate Degree – Masters of Business Administration -University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Currently serves on Enterprise Data Warehouse business team participating in Data Quality, Data Governance and Metadata Management.
  • Enjoys flying, camping and hiking in the nearby Shenandoah Mountains with family and friends
  • Louis recently graduated from theFBI Citizens Academy

VP Programs
Patsy Rossiter

VP Administration

VP Communication

VP Finance
Charity Burroughs
Wells Fargo

VP Marketing
Karen Akens
Data Blueprint

VP Online Services
Charles Demarest

Officers’ Duties

Position – President

    • Ensure compliance of the local chapter with its responsibilities to DAMA International.
    • Preside at official business meetings of the local chapter, and provide general leadership and direction.
    • Appoint committee/SIG chairpersons other than those already established.
    • Represent the local chapter at all associated functions, including those of DAMA International.
    • Assist all officers in the performance of their responsibilities.

Position – Vice President Programs

    • Schedule and facilitate all DAMA Central Virginia Chapter meetings, including securing meeting facility and all logistics thereto, engaging speakers, notifying membership, staffing registration table and collecting meeting fees, and planning for the educational component.
    • Schedule and facilitate special workshops or symposia that meet member needs.
    • Conduct membership surveys to clarify member interests.
    • Provide leadership for all workshops and discussion groups.
    • In the absence of the President, to preside at official business meetings of the local chapter.

Position – Vice President Administration

    • Ensure accurate and up-to-date membership lists are maintained for the local chapter.
    • Process and record new applications for membership to the local chapter.
    • Establish, advertise, monitor, record and report on all local chapter elections.
    • Chair the Nominating Committee of the local chapter as it creates and brings forth each slate of officers for the local chapter membership.

Position – Vice President Finance

    • Record all financial transactions in accordance with prudent fiscal procedures.
    • Collect all appropriate dues and fees.
    • Produce periodic balance sheets and income statements, as appropriate.
    • Handle all legal matters that relate to the financial health of the local chapter, i.e., tax-exempt status and other pertinent matters.

Position – Vice President Marketing

    • Promote a positive image of DAMA CV.
    • Provide strategic online and print marketing support.
    • Supervise any contractors or personnel hired for the purpose of marketing DAMA CV.
    • Perform Market research and marketing activities in support of DAMA CV’s strategic plan and tactical needs.
    • Coordinate and create promotional materials.
    • Administer targeted publicity programs for DAMA CV.
    • Vote on all contracts with conference partners and vendors

Position – Vice President Communications

    • Record, publish and appropriately distribute meeting minutes.
    • Appropriately handle local chapter correspondence, including correspondence from and information requests from DAMA International.
    • Ensure all material published about the local chapter is accurate and reflects the local chapter’s affiliation with DAMA International.
    • Receive record and bring forward all requested modifications to the local chapter charter and bylaws, and appropriately confer with DAMA International regarding same.
    • Retain and maintain all local chapter documents in accordance with prudent archival procedures.
    • Oversee activities such as chapter web site and chapter newsletter.

Position – Vice President Online Services

    • Provide technical advice and respond to technical questions from the Board of Directors and affiliate officers.
    • Manage and maintain the various web resources of DAMA CV including electronic forums.
    • Provide technical support to the online membership database.

Position – Member at Large

    • Participate in board and chapter activities.
    • Act as a link to other members not on the board.

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